Champion Felter!

Bumper sticker Jetta
For those of you who cannot let go of the competitive parent mindset bumper stickers are now available for parents of honors felters. Note that only the most accomplished felting students are granted this honor. Anyone attempting to falsely display an honors parent bumper sticker will be subject to censure.

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Handwritten Balance Sheet

A recent New York Times article vindicates the focus Waldorf schools put on handwriting skills and penmanship.  According to the article, “‘When we write, a unique neural circuit is automatically activated,’ said Stanislas Dehaene, a psychologist at the Collège de France in Paris. ‘There is a core recognition of the gesture in the written word, a sort of recognition by mental simulation in your brain.And it seems that this circuit is contributing in unique ways we didn’t realize, ‘he continued. ‘Learning is made easier.’”

In light of this discovery the Collegium of the Burning Badger Waldorf School has decided to issue all future annual reports and financial statements in handwritten form.  Rest assured that there will be certain items on the balance sheet that will be very, very hard to read.  Especially as relating to inflated charges for beeswax crayons and the notorious balance sheet high jinx of Frau Rabbit in regards to her horsetail tea budget.

Society for a Peaceful Apocalypse

St. John Eating the Book from The Apocalypse series

St. John Eating the Book, from The Apocalypse series

The Anthroposophical Book Group met last night at my house to discuss this month’s selection, Steiner’s The Apocalypse of St. John over some sauteed ramps and dirt tea. I have to admit it was pretty heavy going! Not many of us made it past that first chapter and even those who did seemed to be relying heavily on the chapter summaries. I will say that all of us were up-to-date on the latest episodes of The Walking Dead and that got us talking about why the popular image of the apocalypse is so negative when for a lot of us the whole idea of the apocalypse sounds kind of fun. I did gather from the book that for Steiner the apocalypse is a spiritual event.

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Sopranos Mobster Endorses Waldorf School!


Mobster’s Moll: “You’ve always been skeptical about the Steiner philsophy.”

Mobster: “The whole Steiner package is starting to make sense to me.”

Steven Van Zandt, star of Netflix’ original series Lillyhammer, plays a mobster living in Lillehammer, Norway under the Federal Witness Protection Program.  (The spelling of the series title alludes to Lily — Tagliano’s dog — killed in the first episode during an attempt on Tagliano’s life, and the way some anglophones mispronounce the name of the town.)   In the show the mobster comes to appreciate the Steiner philosophy.  Watch Season 2, Episode 7 as the gangster contemplates enrolling his twins in a Waldorf school.

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Hobbit Movie Burning Badger Product Placement Scandal


The Burning Badger Waldorf School Collegium emphatically denies that the second movie in the Hobbit series, The Desolation of Smaug, contains product placements for our school.  The practice of product placement, or embedded advertising, is an abhorrent marketing strategy whereby companies pay to have their products or services appear in movies.  This manipulative and insidious form of advertising is particularly damaging to our youngest elves who are usually unaware they they have been targeted as consumers and is one of the reasons we discourage our younger children from watching movies.  Any appearance of Burning Badger crafts or merchandise, such as the Burning Badger school plates used in the lower school and available yearly at our Burning Badger Silent Auction,  is purely accidental.


Compost Decoder: Shameful Out-Of-Season Fruit Found!


Another box of Clementines shamefully jettisoned in the compost bin. If you look closely at this photo I think you can guess which Burning Badger Waldorf School parent is responsible for this wasteful behavior.  The same parent who failed to remove her children’s pumpkins from the kindergarten room until they were a public health hazard!   Although we are in favor of composing clementines when necessary, and think that excluding citrus from compost is wasteful and bourgeois,  this is a very expensive way to build your compost supply!   Why do clementines go bad?  Because they only last about a week or a week and half at room temperature after harvesting, and they do not ripen once picked but rather start to rot.  The culprit is international agribusiness that has us eating out-of-season fruit shipped too far beyond our natural zone.  But the real criminal here is a parent who should know better and also owes money for the class gift.

Burning Badger Students Recruited as Crafters for Hobbit Movie!

Burning Badger Waldorf School students were recruited to the crew of the newest Hobbit movie, The Desolation of Smaug.   Anyone familiar with the films will know that they are full to bursting with beeswax candles, earthen tableware, wooden barrels, farm tables, oak beams, pewter objects, linen robes, felted hats and other Waldorf staples.  Location scouts visited the third grade classroom at Burning Badger to scope it out as a possible location for filming of Beorn’s house in The Desolation of Smaug but met with resistance from the Media Committee when they made their offer.  While visiting the Burning Badger campus, however, the film crew staff were overwhelmed by the quality of our student’s handwork and hired over 45 Burning Badger students to work on crafting for the film.  Although union rules applied, some parents objected to the exploitation of our student body and in the end the students returned from the set to resume their usual coursework at Burning Badger.  But if you look closely at the footage from Beorn’s house you can see the exemplary handiwork of the third and fourth grades.