Compost Decoder: Shameful Out-Of-Season Fruit Found!


Another box of Clementines shamefully jettisoned in the compost bin. If you look closely at this photo I think you can guess which Burning Badger Waldorf School parent is responsible for this wasteful behavior.  The same parent who failed to remove her children’s pumpkins from the kindergarten room until they were a public health hazard!   Although we are in favor of composing clementines when necessary, and think that excluding citrus from compost is wasteful and bourgeois,  this is a very expensive way to build your compost supply!   Why do clementines go bad?  Because they only last about a week or a week and half at room temperature after harvesting, and they do not ripen once picked but rather start to rot.  The culprit is international agribusiness that has us eating out-of-season fruit shipped too far beyond our natural zone.  But the real criminal here is a parent who should know better and also owes money for the class gift.